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Statement of support for Gaza Solidarity Encampment

We, the undersigned researchers in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Global Development Studies at University of Helsinki stand in solidarity with students who are currently organizing as the Gaza Solidarity Encampment in the city centre campus. 

We support the demands of the camp for the University of Helsinki to follow its own ethical principles and, in line with its commitment to promoting universal human rights, join the academic boycott of Israeli universities called by the Palestinian civil society. 

As stated in the demands of the Solidaarisuus Camp, this means ceasing collaboration with universities and other institutions in Israel that are actively complicit in the genocide happening in Gaza and the Israeli apartheid regime by means including but not limited to collaboration with Israeli armed forces in development of war and surveillance technologies used against Palestinians. We join the students of the Solidaarisuus Camp in calling for the University of Helsinki to immediately take action in reviewing its existing connections with Israeli academic institutions and companies benefiting from Israel’s genocidal actions in Gaza, and to

  • Terminate the existing exchange agreements with Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Cease research collaboration with Israeli universities, including EU-funded projects coordinated by the University of Helsinki and involving Israeli universities as partner institutions
  • Disclose any investments in companies that profit from the ongoing genocide in Gaza and starting the process of withdrawing those investments

We encourage the leadership of the University of Helsinki and its faculties to engage in active dialogue with the students at the Gaza Solidaarisuus Camp and to show appreciation for their courageous action as active members of the civil society to hold the University accountable to its ethical principles.


Hanna Rask, doctoral candidate

Maija-Eliina Sequeira, doctoral candidate

Jenni Viitala, doctoral candidate

Pierre Auzerau, doctoral candidate

Maarit Forde, university lecturer

Eemi Nordström, doctoral candidate

Tuulikki Pietilä, senior university lecturer

Eero Saukkonen, doctoral candidate

Viljami Kankaanpää-Kukkonen, doctoral candidate

Samuli Lähteenaho, doctoral candidate

Jon Frederiksen, doctoral candidate

Suvi Rautio, postdoctoral researcher, editor-in-chief at Suomen Antropologi

Roman Urbanowicz, doctoral candidate

Saana Hansen, postdoctoral researcher

Matti Eräsaari, university researcher

Tuomas Tammisto, affiliated researcher

Salla-Maria Korhonen, doctoral candidate

Toni Nieminen, doctoral candidate

Avi Betz-Heinemann, Postdoctoral Researcher

Olli Kaukonen Lindholm, doctoral candidate

Toomas Gross, senior university lecturer

Stefan Millar, postdoctoral researcher

Saana Hokkanen, doctoral researcher

Anu Lounela, university researcher

Sergio Fernández Bravo, doctoral researcher

Yue Hu, doctoral candidate 

Sanna Komi, doctoral researcher

Katja Uusihakala, university researcher 

Barry Gills, professor

Anna Heikkinen, doctoral researcher

Usman Ashraf, Doctoral Researcher

Ildze Jakunova, doctoral candidate

Nadia Augustyniak, Postdoctoral Researcher

Marianna Keisalo, university lecturer

Emmi Holm, Doctoral researcher

Sanna Vellava, Postdoctoral researcher

Will LaFleur, Doctoral researcher

Maija Lassila, postdoctoral researcher

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